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The Starling Project works in collaboration with local people to develop interesting and new projects that are socially engaging - bringing art forms, themes and issues in that are relevant and invite exploration. We have a creative collaborative approach to making art that facilitates dialogue between displaced people and local communities, Estbl. 2016

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The Starling Project was founded in 2016 by HCPC registered art therapists and local artists experienced in working with displaced people, who have been forced to find safety in Europe and the U.K. due to fleeing political conflict, persecution and social upheaval at home.

We facilitate art workshops that create shared social spaces which offer a chance to get to know new people and places in Sussex, build community relationships and address the trauma of individual lives. Our art practice is an innovative way to encourage participation and encourage further positive changes. It also offers a safe space to build resilience and realise potential. With the opportunity to work through difficult experiences and be supported to better understand some of the symptoms linked to this where of interest/ of relevance, for example: sharing experiences of low mood; exploring stress, sleeplessness, anger, low self-esteem, grief; accessing practical tools for coping.

We work with all ages and welcome families and adults to our latest project.

The Starling Project receives REFERRALS, REQUESTS and COMMISSIONS from a range of people and places; community leaders, tutors, social workers, family workers, mentors, key workers. We are experienced in thinking about possible emotional and social support for individuals and helping to refer on to a great established network in the local area. Referrals can be made via a short email. We do not require full history of a person. 


Weekly art workshops @  THE COWLEY CLUB, 12 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JA to support the making of memory quilts (arpilleras) and brokering new relationships and dialogue between people. Skill sharing across generations as well as between artists and local collaborators. Introducing people to a range of new skills as well as encouraging creativity and a sense of worth, achievement and an ability to contribute to society. 

PROVIDERS: A collaboration between Dr Louise Purbrick, Principal Lecturer; art and design practitioner and historian, and Jess Linton, artist and art therapist. Both with an active interest and involvement in art + activism; social engagement; the use of the arts as a political tool.


A creative therapeutic support space for asylum seeking and refugee young people (13-18yrs) @  YPC, 69 Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AE. Run by HCPC registered art therapists and practitioners experienced in working with young people on the move, who have been forced to find safety in Europe and the U.K. due to fleeing political conflict, persecution and social upheaval at home.

PROVIDERS: The Hummingbird Project, HCPC registered art therapists  (associate Art Refuge UK art therapists); working in partnership to respond to recognised needs for young people in Brighton and Sussex with care providers Pathways to Independence, Brighton Children’s Services: UASC & Leaving Care Pod, Sussex NHS Trust; West Sussex Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services / UASC, amongst others.

Psychosocial support offers a holistic, tailored programme for young people with specific, often multifaceted practical, psychological and social needs -in line with advice and guidance from leading statutory and voluntary services, such as: Refugee Council Children’s Service (My View Project Independence Evaluation Report, 2016) and ECAPT (Heading Back To Harm, 2015).

HCPC registered art therapists are trained in offering trauma treatment (CATT) for children and young people and come with a collective experience in working specifically with displaced, asylum seeking and refugee young people – in the U.K., in contexts of political conflict and social upheaval, and in transit centres and camps. /  07834 686838 / (Jess, The Starling Project Founder)

The Starling Project is a sister project and supporter of Brighton-based THE HUMMINGBIRD PROJECT - contact The Hummingbird Project for active advice guidance and practical support for young refugees. GLOBAL SOCIAL CLUB runs every Monday 4-7pm at YPC, Ship Street and is growing from strength to strength! All welcome! Homework Club from 4pm. Find out more via: <3